Industrial Style Guide:
The Industrial Loft
Is your dream neighborhood a quirky combination of coffeehouses, art galleries, and funky bistros? Love functional pieces with a bit of rough-hewn edge? Then an industrial style look with downtown appeal may be just the right style for your space. Create a surprisingly comfortable abode by combining an open, airy space with factory-inspired decor and a warm color palette.
Downtown Style 101: The basic steps to achieve an industrial-chic style.
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Rough it Up
Mimic the rustic architecture of a city loft space with industrial furniture and accents. Reclaimed-wood farm tables, drafting stools, cart-style tables, and leather upholstery communicate the industrial furniture look.
Be a Collector
Loft living forgoes a buttoned-up finish in favor of collected cool. Mix and match textiles and accents in a variety of styles to give your space personality. Unify an eclectic decor scheme with a common color palette.
Create Texture
If your space lacks texture in its foundation, bring in large pieces that establish a raw, salvaged feel, such as a weighty console table, a trunk-style coffee table, or factory-inspired shelves that span an entire wall.
Mix in Metal
Industrial style often incorporates plenty of metal, such as iron, copper, and stainless steel Try a stainless-steel counter top on your kitchen island, or add a utilitarian edge by hanging cage-style metal pendant lights.
Elements of Industrial Style: The materials and colors to create a factory-inspired home.
The Palette:
Decor that is truly reminiscent of an urban, industrial loft space utilizes a lot of different elements—you’ll most likely be working with an abundance of materials, textures, and styles. A pared-down color palette will unify your space and keep it from feeling cluttered.
The Former Factory
For a reclaimed space, take inspiration from the industrial surroundings and use steel gray, brick red, and rich wood tones in your home. Incorporate forest green and black accents for a pop of color and contrast.
The Artist’s Loft
Mix touches of bright, saturated colors with a more muted color scheme to bring a vaguely artsy, bohemian air to your home. Take palette cues from a colorful rug or patterned throw pillow you love.
An Airy Retreat
Emphasize the openness of your loft—or create the illusion of it —with a light palette. Using mostly ivory and light gray will feel more modern, but the right silhouettes and accents will ensure an overall "industrial" look.
A Modern Approach
For a contemporary approach, go high-contrast with a black-and-white scheme, accented by a single shade of neon color, like citrus shades of lemon, lime or orange.
Industrial Furniture
Create a downtown look with a mix of materials and styles, keeping in mind these key points while you shop.
Highlight Wood Tones
Wood tones are an important component of loft-style decor. Seek out wood furniture with a rough-hewn or salvaged look, including pieces with distressing and visible nailheads.
Mix and Match
When decorating with industrial furniture, mix in the occasional traditional silhouette or antique piece to give the room depth and prevent it from feeling stark or cold.
Lounge in Leather
An oversized leather sofa gives a room warmth and softness that is absent in metal, concrete, and brick. Accent seating in deep chestnut brown or cherry red leather works seamlessly with industrial color palettes.
Industrial Accents & Decor
While basics like the color scheme and furniture are important in achieving the industrial aesthetic, in the end it’s the details that really define the look. Every piece should tell a story and contribute to the overall space, so don’t forget to give the smaller items ample attention.
Display Graphics and Typography
Wall art like subway maps, blueprints, and marquee signs are a natural fit in urban apartments and are go-to industrial accents
Think Vertical
In a loft or warehouse-type space, make the most of soaring ceilings by arranging art, gallery style, all the way up the walls.
Embrace Your Soft Spot
Balance hard lines and slim silhouettes with soft, textured accents. Pile throw pillows on the sofa and layer area rugs to create visual interest.