Glam Style Guide:
The Glam Penthouse
If you think that every day should be a special occasion, the only appropriate gift is jewelry, and there’s no point in getting dressed unless you’re doing it to the nines, this dazzling decorating style will make you feel right at home.
Glam Style 101: The basics of a high-style space.
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Pile it On
When it comes to decorating a glamorous space, more is more. Build your room around embellished furniture, shimmering accents, and bold color combinations.
Go Lush and Plush
Furniture and textiles with luxurious texture—like plush velvet sofas, satin sheets, cashmere throw blankets, and flokati rugs—are a staple of the style.
Bring on the Bling
Take inspiration from your jewelry box: choose gem tones, pearlescent finishes, and crystal accents. Don’t forget metallics: Incorporate silver and gold tones with chrome fixtures, brass nailheads, or mirrored furniture.
Add Drama
Each room should have at least one statement-making, show-stopping piece. Seek out crystal-laden chandeliers, furniture with exaggerated silhouettes, or an oversized, Art Deco-inspired sunburst mirror.
Elements of Glam Style: All of the tips you need to bring glamour to your home.
The Palette:
From neutral to saturated, there’s a posh palette for every color preference. Here are a few of our favorite pairings for a luxe space.
Bold and Bejeweled
For a regal look, base your color scheme around jewel tones. Mix shades of sapphire and turquoise, or pair rich ruby with glimmering gold for a gem of a palette.
Black, White, and Glamorous
It doesn’t get more dramatic than a room based around classic black and white. Accent this high-contrast pairing with mirrored furniture or metallic silver accents.
Emerald and Animal Print
Bright shades of kelly green offer a contemporary counterpoint to animal prints like cheetah. Dress up a neutral seating area with a lacquered green accent table, leopard throw pillows, and a pair of brass floor lamps.
Classically Chic
Like a perfectly tailored trench coat or little black dress, decor picks in black and camel exude upscale sophistication. To ensure the result is chic, not severe, mix in softer shades of cream and beige, too.
Glam Furniture
Incorporating furniture with upscale details and fancy finishes doesn’t mean your home can’t be comfortable and inviting, too. When decorating a glam room, remember the following to ensure a well-balanced space.
Mix in Mirrored Pieces
Create an elevated, but approachable mix by juxtaposing painted pieces or furniture in more traditional wood tones with a mirrored chest, desk, or accent table.
Look for Dressy Details
Like jewelry and accessories, tufting, nailheads, and piping are little details with big impact. The more embellishments your furniture has, the more formal the look.
Add in Dramatic Silhouettes
Set a chic scene with furniture that features exaggerated proportions or elaborate forms, like arched headboards, high-backed dining chairs, tuxedo sofas, or demilune chests.
Glam Accents & Decor
A show-stopping space spares no detail. Finish off your design with fanciful flourishes—like faux-fur throws, fashion-forward wall art, and eye-catching lighting— to ensure an elevated room.
Go High-Pile
Fur immediately evokes a sense of luxury. Incorporate it at home with a faux sheepskin throw blanket, a Mongolian fur ottoman, or a flokati rug.
Light up the Room
Lighting should be both decorative and functional. Try incorporating a candelabra chandelier, a beaded flush mount, or a pair of sconces with crystal drop shades into your space.
Take Cues from Your Closet
Dress your walls with fashion-inspired prints featuring iconic design houses, or maps of stylish cities like Paris, London, or New York to add panache.