Rustic Style Guide:
The Rustic Retreat
If a warm, cozy space filled with vintage-inspired finds and tidbits of history appeals to you, then rustic decor may be the perfect fit for your home. Follow these design tips and use rich leather, distressed woods, and hints of metal to give any room a well-worn, laid-back feel.
Rustic Style 101: All of the essentials for a rustic home.
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Distressed is Best
Furniture and accents that appear timeworn will give your space a homey, lived-inlook. Intersperse newer-looking pieces, like plush throw pillows and polished wall sconces, to keep it from feeling too shabby.
Work with Wood
Shelving, consoles, and coffee tables in rough-hewn wood are hard-working but feel cozy. Pieces made from reclaimed wood bring an element of antiquity to your home
Mix and Match Metals
Copper, steel, and iron work well together in a rustic setting. Iron wire baskets, copper pitchers, and steel barstools are all useful ways to incorporate metals in your space.
Love Leather
Sofas, arm chairs, and benches upholstered in buttery leather are both practical and comfortable, while storage bins and large trunks with leather details exude rustic appeal.
Elements of Rustic Style: All of the necessary components to achieve a rustic look.
The Palette
It’s hard to go wrong with a rustic color palette. Choose a neutral color scheme and mix in hints of warm and cool colors for a welcoming, relaxed space that still has an indisputable energy about it.
A Traditional Approach
A classic rustic color palette is forged in deep browns, grays, black, and dashes of navy blue and sage green. Warm auburn and hints of paprika tie it all together to create a cozy, inviting home.
Rustic, Redefined
Add pops of brighter hues throughout your space—a chest in a weathered robin’s egg blue, an accent stool in a rusty red, and an iron bench in a bright kelly green all achieve this.
Light and Bright
Reflect more light and give your home an airy feel with a lighter color scheme. Combine white, ivory, and lighter gray with small accents in a color like pale green or burnt orange for a fresh take on rustic style.
Lodge Style
Take cues from the Rocky Mountains, pulling your palette from the unfinished wood tones, neutral cowhides, and western-inspired textiles often found in classic ski lodges.
Rustic Furniture
Rustic decor has a warm, inviting feel. Make sure you channel that in your furniture by choosing pieces that incorporate soft leather, casual fabric, sturdy wood, and hints of metal.
Go For an Industrial Edge
Classic silhouettes with factory-inspired detailing tie in well with a rustic design scheme. Find this look in cabinets with wire-fronted drawers, bookshelves made from metal rather than wood, and consoles on large casters.
Keep it Cozy
Soft leather sofas, wicker arm chairs, and footstools upholstered in casual linen all help a space to feel laid-back and comfortable.
Choose Wooden Furniture
Rough-hewn wood is a must-have in any rustic home, so choose a media cabinet, dining table, or nightstand in a beautiful, long-lasting wood to achieve this classic look.
Rustic Accents & Decor
Add a personal touch to your space with vintage-inspired finds and accents that tie the rustic look together.
Light it Up
Simple iron chandeliers, pendants, and table lamps are all hallmarks of the rustic design scheme. Add in a light fixture or two with metal or wire cage shades to bring in a subtle industrial twist.
Climb the Walls
Don’t forget to utilize all of your wall space—hang distressed, understated wall clocks, large vintage prints, and unique shelving units to fill it out.
Bring the Outdoors In
Display seasonal wreaths, faux taxidermy, and chandeliers made from faux antlers to create a lodge-like space.