Joss and Main - Curated Flash Sales for Furniture and Décor

...aspiration and inspiration...

A couple of iced teas, a gorgeous summer day in Boston's Back Bay, and a bit of kismet - that's how it all began for Joss & Main.

Introduced by colleagues because of their
common entrepreneurial background and
passion for retail, John Mulliken and Mitra Morgan found that they approached the question of how to create lovely homes from very different angles. Mitra, a busy professional and mother of two, had recently purchased and renovated a home that she struggled to find the time to decorate. John, an experienced e-commerce executive and management consultant to some
of the world's best retailers, saw the power of combining highly engaging content with curated collections drawn from the world's largest selection of home goods. They agreed that there had to be a better way to shop for the home. By late afternoon, they had embarked on the business they'd always wished existed. Joss & Main was born.

Inspired by the lush presentation of home design magazines, Morgan and Mulliken set about developing Joss & Main as an e-commerce company with an editorial soul.

"Aspiring to great design and being inspired by great design - our team lives by that mantra every day," Morgan says. "The Curator's Collections ®, our Design Reports and Style Study events - members tell us how much these sales remind them of their favorite home magazines."

Providing access to great brands at fantastic discounts is also a key part of the Joss & Main recipe. "Our goal is for Joss & Main to be a place where members come to discover and be moved by new products, talents, and styles," says Morgan. "We want to inspire members every day and make that inspiration accessible," continues Mulliken. "It's not just beautiful images, but items and looks that members can easily and affordably make their own - buy the chair, wallpaper the room, shop the look - right then and there from the comfort of their home or office."