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Modern Style Guide:
The Sleek Studio
If the idea of a crisp, clean, clutter-free space appeals to you, a modern look might be just the right fit for your home. Follow these tips below and discover how minimalist furniture, high-polish accents, and a bold but well-edited color palette can give your home a fresh new look.
Contemporary Style 101: All of the essential moves for a modern home.
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Simplify and Minimize
Sleek, pared-down shapes are essential to modern design. Choose furniture that is fairly compact and low-profile, such as sofas that sit closer to the floor and accent tables with minimal hardware. This creates a streamlined look.
Find the Right Angle
One of the most important characteristics of modern decor is clean lines. When choosing furnishings, select pieces with crisp angles and clean surfaces. Decor for the modern home is often inspired by geometric forms.
Add Curve Appeal
While straight lines are important, a bit of curvature balances the look. Think bentwood chairs, tulip-style tables, and sculptural oval lamps.
Turn Up the Heat
Modern design has an undeserved reputation for feeling cold. To keep contemporary silhouettes from feeling sterile, choose accents in warm shades, add a faux sheepskin rug, or incorporate woods like polished teak and walnut.
Elements of Modern Style The fundamental components of contemporary style.
The Palette
Your home doesn’t have to be a vision in white to be modern—there are endless possibilities when it comes to your color palette. Any color scheme can work as long as it’s pared down enough. Stick with two or three colors for your anchor pieces, and play with accent colors to your heart’s content.
The Classic
Juxtapose sophisticated neutrals like camel, navy, and black with shiny metallic finishes like brass, copper, polished nickel, and chrome.
Electric Style
Choose a neutral like light grey or ivory and use different shades of it throughout your space. Then, throw in a pop of color using throw pillows, decorative bowls and vases, and artwork in neon hues.
Into the Dark
Use mostly black and charcoal, and keep it from feeling closed off by incorporating lighter elements sporadicallyBreak up a sea of dark cabinetry with an ivory countertop. And offset a black sofa with a white accent chair.
A Feminine Touch
A color scheme of warm nude tones like blush pink, taupe, and sand adds a softness to the clean lines of modern furniture, especially when accented by metallics like copper and rose gold.
Modern Furniture
In our book, furniture needs to be both hardworking and beautiful. Create a home that’s modern and functional with these decorating ideas.
Add Elements of Surprise
In a smaller space, increase functionality by trying a sleek settee in place of a traditional sofa, a set of lucite nesting tables instead of a standard coffee table, or a storage ottoman instead of an extra arm chair.
Leave it to the Legs
When choosing your furniture, don’t overlook the legs. Tapered legs, hairpin legs, and legs in a dark wood or even a chrome finish are all safe bets for modern spaces.
Emphasize Wood Tones
Choose coffee tables, sideboards, or bookshelves in polished walnut or burled wood to create a warm environment that still feels modern.
Modern Accents & Decor
Once you’ve taken care of the color palette and the larger items, you’re free to play with smaller accent pieces. Find the perfect modern details for every room of your home by following these tips.
Go Chrome
Quintessential to the modern aesthetic is shiny chrome. A table lamp with a chrome base, a bookshelf with chrome shelves, or a gleaming light fixture is a sure way to command attention.
In the Abstract
Since many modern furniture pieces are sculptural in their own right, they pair well with quirky wall art and sculptures. Try a colorful abstract print, or place a shapely statement object on your coffee table or mantel.
Float On
Instead of a standard bookcase, consider using a series of floating shelves to display your collections. Plus, because they’re suspended off the ground, they can help create the illusion of more space.