7 Tips for Creating a Stylish Desk

Our favorite ideas for infusing your workspace with personality.


Tips for creating a stylish desk

You spend a least eight hours a day at your desk, so you might as well make it a space you like. Simple ideas and elevated accessories can transform a bland workspace into one that’s full of personality (without sacrificing function). Whether you work from an office at home or a cubicle in a high rise, these fun styling ideas are sure to liven up you desktop.

Tips for creating a stylish desk - Joss & Main

1_circleChoose an energizing color scheme

Picking a set color scheme will give your desk a polished feel. We went with vibrant bright pink and yellow for our ours, and added in pops of other just-as-bold hues from across the spectrum. We chose everything from office supplies to storage containers with our color palette in mind.

cute-desk-organization - Joss & Main 2_circle Get organized

When it comes to your desk, your motto should be, “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” Make use of drawers for files and documents, and stash away things like binder clips, staples, and flash drives in pretty patterned boxes or storage containers. Starved for space on your desk? Stack boxes of different sizes pyramid style.

Tips for creating a stylish desk - desk accessories

3_circleMaster the art of display

We treated our office supplies–an hour glass (old fashioned, but a great tool for staying on task!), a set of floral notecards, and metallic stamp pads–like home accents, arranging them in sets of three to create functional vignettes atop a stack of our favorite coffee table books.

Tips for creating a stylish desk - Joss & Main

4_circle   Use the good china 

Even when your daily java is coming out of the office coffee machine, a cute cup and saucer–like a gold-trimmed China tea set–makes this most-important morning ritual feel that much more special. Bonus: Bringing in your own mug is less wasteful that using disposable cups every day.

Tips for creating a stylish desk - lucite chair

5_circle Incorporate pretty patterns 

Punchy prints are an easy way to add style to any space, your desk included. We did it by placing a pillow on the back of our chair (this can also help with posture), and setting our laptop on a patterned placement.

Tips for creating a stylish desk - Joss & Main6_circleBring in fresh flowers

The office may be a functional space, but not everything in it needs to serve a purpose. Fresh blooms feel like even more of a luxury at work and add a bit of beauty to your space. Try a tall bud vase in a saturated shade. It fits a single stem and has the beauty of a bouquet, but won’t take up precious real estate on your desk.

Desk inspiration pin board - Joss & Main 7_circleCreate an inspiration board

To make ours, we used a pin board and added fabric swatches we love, quotes that motivate and make us laugh, photos of friends, magazine cutouts and more.  Not only does this create a pretty and uplifting backdrop behind your computer, but it serves a purpose, too: keep a set of brass tacks on your desk so you can easily pin up important notes and to-do lists.

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