The 15 Tools Every Homeowner Needs

Brittany Bailey (AKA Pretty Handy Girl) shares her toolbox must-haves.


Images via Pretty Handy Girl

Brittany Bailey takes do-it-yourself to a whole new level. The blogger behind the aptly titled Pretty Handy Girl, her posts go beyond the basic sewing machine and paint brush tutorials (though she does those, too!) to tackle creations that require power tools and elbow grease. Sample topics include, “How to strip paint off a door,” “How to build a loft bed,” and even “How to retrieve an object from the sink drain,” and “How to rebuild your kitchen from the studs.”

So how, exactly, did this mom of two get to be so handy? Lots of practice … and good set of tools. “When we bought our first home, I was able to complete several home repairs with a small tool kit my father gave me when I bought my first car,” Bailey says. “During the first few years I discovered a few more tools that helped me complete my own repairs without having to call in a professional.”

Here, Bailey shares with us her list of the essentials that every homeowner needs to have in their tool box. Consider it your DIY starter kit.


1. Hammer
2. Screwdrivers – Phillips head and a flat (straight or slotted) head. Try to buy a small and medium size of each.
3. Allen (Hex) Wrenches in several sizes
4. Adjustable Crescent Wrenches – I suggest buying at least two. One 6″ and one 10″
5. Slip Joint Pliers (handy for overall gripping)
6. Needle-nosed pliers
7. Vice grips (Locking pliers)
8. Tape Measure
9. Level – 24″ is preferable
10. Utility knife (mat knife)
11. Safety glasses
12. 12″ Handsaw
13. Stud Finder
14. Flashlight
15. Pry bar (must have a flat sharp side and the other side a notch for pulling nails.) sign_off

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