Six Ways to Arrange a Wall Gallery

Savvy bloggers show how to showcase your personal style with an eye-catching array of art and photos.

Between iPhones and digital SLR cameras, great photos are easier to take than ever. Pity, then, that so many of us have megabytes of gorgeous memories locked away on our hard drives (not to mention stacks of old college snapshots stashed in shoeboxes in every closet.) Enter the frame gallery—an eye-catching way to dress up any stretch of blank wall space, and the perfect excuse to dig up favorite vacation photos and family pictures to finally put on display.

Whether your starting point is a handful of treasured pictures or the perfect combination of bold frames—our recent Joss & Main event, Picture Show, is chock full of them—do take inspiration from these brilliant photo walls by DIY bloggers and recent Joss & Main curators. Take a cue from these examples and mix in pieces of artwork, pretty postcards, and other mementos you’ve collected over the years. And for even more ideas, check out this amazing collection of wall-gallery layouts assembled by SAS Interiors blogger Jenna Burger. (Hint: Before wielding a hammer, map out your chosen arrangement on the wall using scrap paper and painter’s tape, so you can be sure everything’s aligned to your liking.)  Happy hanging!