Justina Blakeney Teaches Us How to Style A Tablescape

The designer, blogger and stylist shares her best tips.

how to style a tablescape

Photo via Justina Blakeney

These days, inspiration for a well-decorated life is endless. From Instagram, to HGTV, to blogs and magazines, style-seekers are certainly not short on pretty pictures of home, garden, tabletop and wardrobe from which to draw ideas.

But, as anyone who’s attempted to recreate a Pinterest recipe or a blogger’s bedroom can attest, even effortless-looking scenes can be tough to recreate in real life. So, we tapped stylist and designer Justina Blakeney to help us conquer one of our favorite style subjects: the tablescape. Here, she shares a few of her tips for creating a vignette look worthy of 1,000 likes.

how to style a tablescape1_circle Choose a color scheme. A color palette is an important part of creating a uniform look. Blanekey’s tip?  Use analogous colors. “Different colors of the same shade or complementary colors—meaning colors opposite each other on the color-wheel to create a  fun, cohesive look to the table,” she says.

2_circleFocus. Another way to ensure a cohesive setting: “Arrange table elements around a focal point so that the eye doesn’t have to do too much work to know where to look.”

3_circleGet personal. Make a tabletop unforgettable by adding a personal touch. “Do this through things like place cards, seasonal items and heirloom dishware” suggests Blakeney.

4_circleAdd botanicals. A simple but important point? Don’t forget the greenery. “The best and easiest way to breathe life into a tabletop is with plants and flowers,” she says.

5_circleThink outside the box. Feel free to get creative with the way you style your table by incorporating things that aren’t traditionally used in the dining room.  A few of Blakeney’s ideas? “Use bracelets for napkin rings, wrapping paper as a runner or craft paper instead of a tablecloth.” sign_off


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