DIY: How To Make Your Own Spotted Wall Art

Our team shares their latest DIY project, inspired by an upcoming Joss & Main event.




Our latest DIY project was inspired by our upcoming Dots & Spots event on Joss & Main. We loved the patterned ottomans and bedding so much, that we decided to make some wall art to go with it!

The best part about the project? It’s super simple. The whole thing took us less than an hour, start-to-finish. Here’s how we did it.


1_circleMake a stamp. 
To make the painting process quick and simple, we turned a foam sponge into a stamp that we could use to dot circles on our canvas.  To create your own:  draw a freehand circle on either end of a foam sponge (make sure to choose dense foam for the most even dots!). Don’t worry about making the circles the same size and shape. In fact, try to make them slightly different. For this project, the more random and scattered the spots,  the better. After you’ve traced your circles, use X-ACTO knife to carefully trim around each outline.

2_circleGet Painting.
Once your stamp is made, squeeze paint into the center of a piece of cardboard or a paper plate. Dip one end of the stamp into the paint, and blot. Then, press the stamp onto the canvas, and repeat. We created two patterns, one with neat rows (shown below; we alternated sides of the stamp for each row to give them a slightly different look), and one with a scattered pattern. For the scattered print, we used the stamp to create the larger spots, and did the smaller ones with a paintbrush.


3_circleFill in the gaps. 
To finish it off, we used the paintbrush to touch up our circles. 6-DIY-wall-art

Allow your canvas dry overnight, and it’s ready to hang.