5 Must-Haves for a Home With Southern Style

Blogger Rhoda Vickers of Southern Hospitality shares her rules for a superbly southern home.


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Like a lot of things below the Mason Dixon Line, interior design in the South has a style all its own, one that’s as refined, traditional, and comforting as the accent, the food and the manners. Or, as  blogger Rhoda Vickers of Southern Hospitality puts it, “Southern style is classic and elegant, an easy way of living, with great emphasis on timeless decor and outdoor living, since we get so many months of sunshine.”

Here, the Atlanta-based Vickers shares with us the five pieces that every proper southern home should have (and if you like Vickers’ style, you can shop her picks during her curated event for Joss & Main starting March 4, 2014 at 9 p.m.).

dining room from kitchen1_circleLanterns
“A beautiful lantern is such a classic and elegant Southern look,” Vickers says. And a versatile one at that, since it can be used indoors or out. Her suggestion: “Add a lantern on the front porch or over the dining table.”


2_circlePainted Furniture
“A room that evolves with time is the best decorated room, because it reflects the homeowner’s taste.  Adding one piece of painted furniture to a space is a tried and true way of making a room feel like home and that someone really lives in the space.  A painted thrift store piece is a great example of adding a vintage feel.”


3_circleFresh flowers/Real plants
“There’s nothing better than real flowers and plants to liven up a room,”  Vickers says. Plus, they can literally add a breath of fresh air to your space.  “Certain plants can actually filter the air in your home, and they add that natural element that  all rooms need.”


4_circleWhite Ironstone
For Southern style on a budget, create a display of this classic white pottery and dinnerware. “Whether collected at an antique store or picked up for pennies at yard sales and thrift stores, white ironstone collections are a wonderful Southern flair to any home” Vickers says.  “Use those vintage vases for fresh flowers and soup tureens for decorating accessories.”


5_circle Wicker
Last but certainly not least is the staple of the Southern porch, wicker furniture.  “Most Southern homes have some sort of wicker in the outdoor seating areas. Whether it’s real wicker or faux wicker, the ability to extend our lives to the outdoors is key to Southern living.”sign_off


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