5 DIY Techniques That Will Transform Your Home

Perfect these skills, and you’ll never get bored of your decor again.



One of the best ways to make your home a true reflection of your style is to master the art of the DIY. Do-it-yourself projects are the ultimate in personalization because, whether you’re crafting a table runner or repainting an antique chest, the results are always one-of-a-kind, and tailored exactly to your liking.

For those who don’t fall into the “crafty” category, or who need a little inspiration in order to get started, we tapped do-it-your-selfer extraordinaire Yvonne Pratt, the blogger behind Stone Gable, to put together an overview of the basics. Here, she shares five of her go-to DIY techniques, from super-simple to more involved, plus a few of her favorite projects for trying out each one. Get these down, and you’ll never get bored of your decor again.

“I think everyone should know their way around a needle and thread,” says Pratt. “Many people today don’t own a sewing machine, but learning how to sew can be transforming to ​home decor. It’s amazing what you can create with even just the basics.”

If you’re a hopeless seamstress, however, fear not. “For the totally adverse to learning to sew there are also great products on the market that sew using bonding tape and an iron,” she says.

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2_circle Painting Furniture
Pratt calls the paintbrush “A DIY-er’s magic wand.”

“Painted furniture is so on trend right now, but it’s also classic! Painting is also the best way to take a piece that is a little tired or out of style and give it new life,” she says.

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3_circleStyling a Table
Though it might not traditionally be thought of as a DIY technique, setting a proper table is an important decor skill to learn, says Pratt.

“Setting the table shows guests and family that you care about them and were happily expecting them. It elevates eating to dining. It causes us to linger at the table longer and talk and connect and laugh.” It also gives you a chance to be creative with your decor. “Tables can be simple and personal or very elegant and posh,” she says.

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4_circle Hot Gluing 
“I think my house might fall apart if I did not have a glue gun,” jokes Pratt.  “It is one thing I could not live without!  I think every home should have a glue gun. It’s the most basic item in the crafter’s toolbox.”

Just look at what can be done with a good-quality hot glue gun…

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Master the art of burlap and you’ll have an unlimited well of crafting possibilities. “There’s no getting around this one, burlap is big right now. Even if you don’t have a farmhouse and are not into the French country decor scene now… a little bit of burlap decor can do wonders to update and breathe a little fresh air into any room!”

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