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Bohemian Style Guide:
The Bohemian Bungalow
If you crave a relaxed, fun space that reflects your personal interests and experiences, then bohemian decor may be for you. Find unexpected harmony in overlapping prints, fabrics, and styles by following these decorating tips.
Bohemian Style 101: All of the essentials to create an enchanting, eclectic interior.
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Play up the Pattern
Mixing textiles is an easy way to give your space an undone vibe. Combine sizes and styles; choose a large zebra hide rug, a more subdued ethnic throw, and delicate floral pillows to give a living room an undeniable energy.
Showcase Travel Treasures
Bohemian style represents insatiable curiosity and an exploratory nature. Display souvenirs from your travels or ones that call to mind your favorite places to create a home that is rich with memories and culture.
Incorporate Botanicals
Surround yourself with lush plant life to evoke a carefree atmosphere. Nothing says bohemian like easygoing decor—and nothing says easygoing like the organic forms of cascading foliage and bright blossoms.
Ride the Curve
When choosing larger pieces for your home, focus on finding furniture and accents with soft forms and rounded edges. Think Moroccan poufs, floor pillows, and deep, inviting seating.
Elements of Global Style: The materials and colors to design a wonderfully eclectic home.
The Palette:
Rich, luxe shades—warm and cool alike—are fundamental elements of this unorthodox style. That being said, never underestimate the power of more traditional earth tones to bring serenity to your space.
Cool Comfort
Play with amethyst, turquoise, and jade. Turquoise is vivid, so use it in smaller accents. Jade makes a wonderful wall color, and furniture upholstered in faded amethyst velvet provides a hint of vintage glamour.
Warm Wishes
Saffron, ruby, and bright pink work in harmony to create an inviting space. Cover a neutral sofa in patterned pillows laced wit mustard and magenta, and anchor it with a rug in coordinating shades of red and golden yellow.
The More the Merrier
Combine warm and cool shades for an exuberant landscape of color that is sure to invigorate your space. Then, choose textiles that utilize both shades to tie everything together.
Natural and Neutral
If you love the bohemian aesthetic but are hesitant to pile on layers of color, earth tones are a good option. Use upholstered furniture and patterned accent pieces in neutrals to create an understated bohemian air.
Bohemian Furniture
For a globetrotting feel, furniture shouldn’t be perfectly matched. When considering sofas, break up a coordinating set by incorporating a flea market find, and don’t forget that soft furniture with plenty of room to lounge is essential to creating a relaxed environment.
Mix and (don’t) Match
Take a fearless approach to your furniture—don’t think twice about mixing leather, velvet, and wood. You can tie the materials in together later on with textiles and decor.
Bend and Bow
Furniture with graceful, curved lines is ideal in bohemian decor. Try modern takes on Victorian styles—their swooping silhouettes mixed with more casual bohemian elements adds a free-spirited elegance.
Toy with Textiles
Don’t limit pattern to small accents and decor pieces. Pick a printed arm chair—and while you’re at it, choose a printed ottoman to go with it.
Bohemian Accents & Decor
Complete your bohemian oasis by tending to the details of the space. Your pieces should feel collected, so take your time gathering unique items that really resonate with your style. It won’t happen in one afternoon, but the result will be a distinctive space reflective of your personal interests.
Mix in Metallics
Gold, bronze, and copper accents are sure to catch your eye and add interest to a room. Use these colors in statuettes, decorative bowls, and picture frames.
Give in to Glass
Glass—colored and clear—is a must- have in a bohemian space. Moravian star pendant lights, miniature terrariums, and vases are all great ways to incorporate the material.
Curate Culture
In your travels, choose small items, like eclectic textiles or local pottery to bring home and display. These elements will make wonderful conversation pieces and serve as an everyday reminder of your adventures.